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    Thoughts on Series 8

    I've been watching a lot of series 8 over the last few days and I have some thoughts on a few of the episodes (not all) that you folks may or may not be interested in.

    Deep Breath: It just blows me away every time how bad the first half is as opposed to how great the second half is.

    Into the Dalek: I actually really like this one, and I really like Danny in this. So much potential and unanswered questions, but what on Earth does he see in Clara? She's terrible to him from the first conversation. I really like 12 in this one.

    Listen: Completely overrated. This is an episode all about The Doctor being the equivalent of one of those alien abduction people. It makes no sense as a narrative story, the whole episode is about an idea (fear).

    The Caretaker: I think this is when I began to really dislike Clara. She is just an awful person throughout. She's awful to Danny, she's awful to The Doctor. I do like how Danny stands up to The Doctor in this, and to Clara. Too bad it doesn't last.

    Kill The Moon: "Do you really think I'm not special?" The whining from this generation is palpable. "Everyone is special, everyone gets a trophy." This drives me crazy. Plus, as has been said, great character stuff overshadowed by the worst, most illogical pseudo-science ever seen in 50 years of Doctor Who, and that's saying something.

    In The Forest Of The Night: Terrible. Can't even. And only comes in second to Kill The Moon for it's pseudo-science.

    Ok. That's it for now. Thanks for listening.

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    I admit I was a little cold to Series 8 first time around. While I wound up liking more than I didn't, I didn't enjoy it like I hoped I might. It took me a while to get used to the darker tone and a while longer to get used to Twelve. I tend towards the 'lighter' Doctors anyway, so while I think Peter Capaldi's a lovely man and a great actor, there were times last year when Twelve's abrasiveness and distance kinda put me off. Too much Malcom Tucker, not enough Doctor, I guess. It didn't help that Eleven's era was pretty much tailor-made to play to my personal tastes and preferences, so it was a bit of an uphill battle from the start.

    Over the last fortnight, though, I've finally gotten around to rewatching the whole season (plus Last Christmas) and to be honest, it holds up a lot better than I thought it would. Twelve came across as funnier and more likable than I remember, the darker elements felt more tastefully applied and my opinions on the majority of episodes either improved or remained the same. The only one I enjoyed less second time round was The Caretaker, which is a shame because I normally really like Gareth Robert's episodes.

    But yeah, I think I'm finally on board with this era. Let Season 9 begin!

    Pointless almost-sort-of-maybe-final episode ratings!

    DEEP BREATH: ****
    INTO THE DALEK: ****
    LISTEN: *****
    TIME HEIST: ***
    KILL THE MOON: ****
    FLATLINE: *****


    More general thoughts:
    • Clara's new subplot had its ups and downs, as did Clara herself, but I kinda liked Danny and how things came to an end. Suitably tragic.
    • I hope Rusty gets to make another appearance some day. That Dalek is going places.
    • IMHO Deep Breath got right what The Twin Dilemma got wrong. It managed to introduce a darker Doctor without making him unlikable. Having a great villain and a smoother plot helps too.
    • The Boneless need to come back. Like, right now. Wonderful concept, so much potential for repeat appearances.
    • Dark Water / Death in Heaven was probably the best use of the Cybermen since Series 2 and definitely their creepiest use in NuWho to date. Cybermen crawling out of coffins? My mum's still got the shivers from that.
    • For some reason, the lighting/colouring really bugged me this season, more so in the first half. The visuals for the 'future' episodes kinda blurred together for me visually, not quite as distinctive as previous seasons.
    • Missy is brill. Don't care what anyone says.
    "Time is being rewritten all around us, every day. People think their memories are bad, but their memories are fine. The past is really like that."

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